Atlantis on the bay

About Atlantis On The Bay

Discover Authentic Lebanese Cuisine

Lebanese food that will make your spine tingle and tickle your taste buds

Atlantis on the bay brings the sea and Lebanon right on your plates. Overlooking the Brighton Beach and the Botany Bay, Atlantis on the bay will give you everything that you need. With the sea, delicious food, laughter, jollity and your loved ones, you will have the best night out!

The best Lebanese restaurant in Sydney started serving in June 2015 and since then is in the league of the most popular restaurants in Sydney.

When we started out, we had a few things in mind. We wanted to bring our years of experience with Lebanese food to town, we wanted to share our heritage and the recipes passed on from generation to generation with people, we wanted people to have a taste of the best Lebanese food in Sydney. Next, we wanted everyone to enjoy our food in an environment that was modern, contemporary, and stylish yet felt like home. Keeping these factors in mind, we designed a place that consisted of all these components and chose a location that would feel nostalgically like home. Lastly, we wanted to share the love and passion we have for Lebanese food with the public.

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Party at Atlantis Banquet

We have a range of options available to suit your next big event.

Our upstairs function space is ideal for birthdays and family get-togethers,
catering for up to 55 guests while our main dining area can cater for up to 85 guests.

For large events including engagement parties and wedding receptions, our upstairs, main dining area and balcony space can cater for up to 180 guests.

No matter the size or the configuration of your next event, our highly experienced and friendly staff are ready to provide a memorable and hassle-free occasion for you and your guests.

For more information please call 9567 2344, email us at or ask our friendly staff.

Upstairs max capacity: 55 guests
Main Area max capacity: 85 guests
Main + Outside max capacity: 135 guests
Upstairs + Main Area + Balcony max capacity: 180 guests

Our Epecialities

Enjoy our signature dishes. We serve Lamb Sambousek, Chicken Mansaf, and Atlantis Mix Plate along with many others while looking the best view in town.

Come Check Us Out !

We are open 7 days a week from Monday to Sunday. We have place for everyone at our humble abode. We advise that you reserve a table before hand on public holidays and weekends to avoid waiting for a long time.

Our Customers Love Our Food

Check below what our customers have to speak about our restaurant and our food.