Are you craving scrumptious Lebanese food Sydney? Food that will make your spine tingle and tickle your taste buds? Then you’ve come to the right place! Atlantis on the Bay is a Lebanese restaurant that is situated in one of the prime locations of Sydney. Overlooking Brighton Beach and Botany Bay, Atlantis on the Bay promises authentic finger licking Lebanese food Sydney.

It all started out when our Head Chef, Yaccoub wanted to bring his secret blend of exotic flavours to the public, eventually opening a Lebanese restaurant Sydney that offers the best Lebanese food. He has brought his years of experience, his amazing recipes and his culinary excellence to the prime spot on one of the most beautiful shores of Sydney.

We at Atlantis on the Bay thrive to bring you great food along with a great environment, for we atlantis-on-the-bay-lebanese-restaurant-sydneybelieve that food should be enjoyed to the fullest and should be devoured with a full heart. Our restaurant overlooks the great waters that would make your food experience the best it should be. Just imagine the whole setting: you, along with your loved ones, sitting in a place from where you can feel the waters and smell the sea, where you have hot, tasty and mouthwatering Lebanese food in front of you – it is like you are eating in a thriving restaurant district in Lebanon. What else could you want?

One of the distinctive qualities in Lebanese food is that it is made with the finest ingredients. Lebanese food takes great pride in knowing that it has been made with elements that are handpicked carefully by the cook. We take great care when choosing our ingredients, only the supplest meat, the freshest vegetables and the best seasoning makes its way in our kitchens. At Atlantis on the Bay, you will always be eating a fresh meal that has been made by hands that have had years of experience, skill and knowledge, that live and breathe Lebanese food. From our starters to deserts, every dish is made with love and care.

Our chefs have been trained highly in culinary sciences and specialise in Arabic and Lebanese food. They, under the guidance of our head chef bring lip smacking dishes in front of you. With recipes that have been passed on from generation to generation, we bring taste and heritage onto the plate. Our attendants and servers will be the most courteous and most polite people you have ever interacted with, they too have a wide knowledge about Lebanese and Arabic cuisine and would advise you to try out the best dishes. Our staff has experience spanning over two decades with Lebanese food Sydney.

Our restaurant welcomes walk in customers, large groups and catering possibilities as well. You can even book your table online through the booking section. We assure you, you will be coming in on a regular basis once you try out the hot new and the best Lebanese restaurant Sydney. Dining out at our restaurant will feel just like home. Come in and try our great food, it’s both value for money and the best you will ever have – guaranteed!